Hitori Tori x Robot Speaker
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Hitori Tori x Robot Speaker

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Hitori Tori makes music in a class of its own. Bringing us 12 solid minutes of first-class Breakcore and Brandance. Muted melancholy synths and tediously constructed breaks free of any actual amen samples. While the high energy of the songs remains consistent the tone will shift and swing leaving you unable to predict the next turn. He has been making electronic music since 1995 and it shows. 

Robot Speaker delivers more of the incredible sample work and funky loops we know and love him for. With so much variation in the songs but a pervasive vibe of Lofi Hip Hop throughout. Feels more and more like roller blading threw cel shaded Shibuya-Cho with every new batch of songs. 

This is Breakcore veteran Hitori Tori's first release threw Kitty on Fire and the 4th from Robot Speaker. Look forward to future releases from both artists threw KOF and find more of their incredible work below!
releases March 16, 2019 
(KOF 328)

Hitori Tori x Robot Speaker
by Hitori Tori and Robot Speaker
releases March 16 , 2019

Music by Hitori Tori and Robot Speaker 

Cover art by Charlo Frade 

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